It’s finally ready!

Please join us for the launch of the NEW food+flower+style website, blog and product line. It’s been a long road but we’re finally ready, well, almost entirely ready. You’ll notice a few tweaks in the next days to come but we’re so excited to be up again. Thanks for hanging in there. Because we haven’t worked the glitch out yet to get you straight there from this old blog you’ll have to link to to visit our new blog. Happy reading and let us know what you think!


And we’re back



The arrival of May Day is a sign that spring is in full swing and the overabundance of summer is right around the corner. And although you may think we have been lying dormant at F+F+S, we have actually been busy. Busy giving our site a needed polishing and buffing. And just as any spring cleaning worth it’s name, we have something shiny and new to unveil as we romp our way into a new season. So prepare to be dazzled with our handiwork. We like it, and we hope you do too. 

And athough the point of what we do is to bring these three elements together into one beautiful life, we wanted to also make each category distinct so that you can follow your favorite at your leisure or easily bop from one to another, knowing where you’ve been and where you are going. It’s all about simplicity and clarity, and with our new format and look, we hope you will find our site easier to navigate and find what you like. We are excited, and we can’t wait to share the goods with you! F+F+S will be back online this month, so stay tuned for this Friday’s launch at